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Living Room Interior Design

Living Room Interior Design
Modern Living Room Design
Modern Living Interior Design

A living room is often the center stage for entertaining and the introduction of your house to your guests.

Finding a seating arrangement that best fits the shape of your room and your lifestyle is important. Larger rooms may even accommodate more than one arrangement for various activities. A gaming area with a view of the mountains, a conversation area by the fireplace and perhaps a corner for reading are just a few of the possibilities. Seating should be placed close enough for easy conversation but with enough passage to avoid breaking a knee cap on your cocktail table.

Lighting is important in a room with multiple purposes and having several choices to set a mood is a good idea. Tables for drinks should be available for each seat in the room.

Focal points should also be considered. A beautiful piece of artwork can work with or in place of a fireplace. Working with the best views from large windows can do wonders for a room. A living room can double as a den in these cases. A television is often incorporated when this is the situation, but it is nice to find a way to keep it from being the focal point. Home offices are an excellent way to use space behind a sofa in an open room or a corner area with a view.

The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease – temple of soul.

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Asheville Interior Design -Modern Living Room
Classic Living Room Interior Design

Family Room Interior Design


The Family Room is usually a less formal version of a living room. Also used primarily as a space for conversation, we think of a den as a space for family or close friends to gather. We like to picture our clients relaxing and getting comfortable as we design this room. Fireplaces, some throws draped over chair or sofa arms, gaming tables, or bars are a few things we may incorporate into a den.


Very rarely do we create a family room without a television. Unlike other rooms, we don’t mind the TV being in plain view. The television may even be a focal point in the family room because it is a room reserved for relaxation, movie nights, or a place to have friends over to watch the Olympics or a Super Bowl. Use window seats and sectionals to expand seating or used for extra lounging.

Interior Design is a business of trust.
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Asheville Interior Design Family Room
Asheville Interior Design Modern Living Room

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