Dining Rooms & Kitchen Design

Dining Room Interior Design

Whether you have a formal or informal dining room, we can help you set the tone that is in keeping with your personal style and lifestyle.

Dining Room Design

Lighting is key for a dining room as well!

Having a variety of light sources adds interest and helps to set a mood for any occasion. Natural light near a dining space is always a plus.

These various uses and the architecture, shape, and size all dictate how a dining room is designed. Adequate seating for the maximum amount of guests at any time is important. A table doesn’t need to be just one size so buying one with an additional leaf or two is helpful.


Even in a formal dining room you don’t want to be ponderous or gloomy. Eating is really one of your indoor sports. You play three times a day, and it’s well worthwhile to make the game as pleasant as possible.
Dorothy Draper Interior Designer

Asheville Modern Dining Room

Kitchen Interior Design

Kitchen design is all about function!

When a kitchen is designed well, it stays clean and is a joy to use.

The function is aided by great storage that is both easy to access and large enough to handle the many gadgets cooks love. We are big fans of drawers that pull all the way out and plenty of low storage for heavier objects or shorter clients.
Lighting is necessary for reading, cooking tasks, cleaning and deep storage so we vary the types of lighting to perform in each situation and enhance the look. The passage is a must to access lower cabinets, drawers, and don’t forget that large oven door! Keeping the air moving and using proper ventilation will help with anything you cook.
Kitchen Interior Design

As in bath design, the many beautiful options for stone, tile, glass, and metal finishes can produce an exciting and exquisite final design. These elements may be used to enhance the architecture already established or bring an older home into the current century.

Contemporary Interior Design
Appliances should not be forgotten in terms of what they can bring to a look as well as serve the clients primary kitchen needs.
Laundry rooms share many of these design objectives.