Bathrooms & Closet Designs

Bathroom Interior Design

Bathrooms and bedrooms can be such intimate places.

We want our clients to feel as comfortable as possible in each of their unique spaces.

Lighting, Materials, Fixtures, and Accessories should be chosen carefully for the bathroom. Material choices have quite an impact on a bathroom.

A bathroom needs to have proper lighting for function without making its user feel under a spotlight unless that’s really what a client wants!

Bathroom Interior Design
Modern bathroom design by Greeson & Fast Interior Design - Asheville NC.
Bathroom Interior Design
Asheville Modern Interior Design
Modern Bathroom design - Greeson & Fast Asheville NC
Asheville Modern Interior Design
Interior Design Bathroom

The right combination of Stone, Tile, Glass, and Metal Finishes lead to a handsome or delicately beautiful design.

Mirrors and fixture choices can also set the style.

Modern Bathroom Interior Design

Our clients have been trending towards cleaner lines and more contemporary fixtures over the past few years, but we can stylistically go in any direction.

Safety is a huge concern in the bathroom.

As we age, we require additional lighting and possibly grab bars and seating in our bathrooms.

If changing the architecture is not an option or desired.

An ugly little powder room can be transformed with the right wall covering.

Closet Design

Interior Designers - Greeson & Fast

We love storage!

A home cannot be beautiful with clutter everywhere, so sufficient storage is a must.

Redesigning a closet to suit your needs is never a bad investment. We help our clients get the most out of their spaces. Not only does this contribute to maintaining the look of your bedrooms and bathrooms. A well-organized closet can preserve your sanity and transform getting dressed into a ritual rather than a task.
Important things to consider are what you own or think you will be at the height of your clothing volume. What types of clothing pieces you wear. How you accessorize. Do you like your belongings visible or hidden in a closet?
We like to design with growth in mind. If you wear primarily shirts with trousers or skirts, doubling your hanging space or having a built-in chest of drawers below hanging are both good options.
Shoes, belts, scarves, sunglasses and valuables should not be forgotten. A hidden or locked drawer for jewelry and other valuables may be designed and can add value to your home. Our portfolio has many fine examples of how to display your designer clothing or keep your belongings out of sight.