Jean Greeson

My interest in interior design started when I decorated my own home in Kansas. I wanted to make it fabulous, so I went back to school  to study interior design after having two kids. I majored in art in college the first time around. After receiving my second degree, I started doing design work for friends, who said I have a keen eye and excellent taste and then decided it was time to officially begin my career in the interior design business. I’m an American Society of Interior Designers Allied Member.

My experience includes heading the interior design department at a large retail home furnishings store, designing at Jenning’s Interiors, creating lamps for my own manufacturing company (JB Watts), and owning and running Jean Bailey Interiors, both a residential and commercial interior design firm.

After more than 30 years of experience  beautifying residences and commercial spaces, my style is colorful, bright, and whimsical. Getting clients to break out of their safety zones is something I enjoy and do well because I love opening up their horizons.  

I arrived in Asheville 14 years ago in a green Volkswagen beetle with two greyhounds, four cats, and my husband Don who followed us in the biggest U-Haul you can rent. I love clothing and always have thought, “If I don’t look like I know how to put myself together, why would anyone think I can put their home together”?

Richard Fast

I trained in antiques and architectural detailing as a student of architecture. My degrees are in fine arts, and business. My depth of knowledge and sensitivity to personal preferences provides clients the assurance of elegance for their custom interiors. I personally have owned and remodeled nearly 50 properties, and I am well aware of the pitfalls of design, selections, and construction. Though I am not an architect or builder, I can read plans, understand the complexities and language, and communicate well with a team.

Originally from Fort Lauderdale, I’ve traveled extensively and have worked in New York, Miami and London in design and the fashion industry. My international exposure allows a sophisticated and modern perspective on classical motifs and architectural integrity. I bring to interior design a keen sense of space planning, balance, and scale, along with a strong business sense for budgets and accounting. I have the ability to create something unique out of dull box or step back and let the architecture speak for itself.

I live with my husband Eric and dog Ruckus in Asheville. I have served on the Asheville Historic Resources Commission, and the board of the Asheville Humane Society.

Richard Fast Interior Designer

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